Improving Veteran Lives, Ending Veteran Suicide, One Dog at a Time

Help us end veteran suicide. MI Veteran K9 Coalition provides professionally trained ESA Therapy Dogs
to Michigan veterans suffering from PTSD and military trauma.


Who We Are

We’re Michigan-Owned, Michigan Operated Cannabis Companies that believe we can change the footprint of this life changing program for the State of MI.


Through months of work with the St. Joe County ESA Program, we identified ways in which to expand, publicize and normalize this necessary partnership for veterans and their therapy or service animals across the State of MI.


Founders of this group have not only donated graciously to sponsor dogs that can be placed with qualifying Veterans across MI, they’ve also dedicated their time to make sure every opportunity is maximized where we invested our dollars.  Our founders care deeply about this topic and as a result, something truly amazing has been born. 

Veteran Stats


Higher rate of veterans committing suicide than their peers that did not serve our country.


Of our veterans report a reduction in medication after being paired with a trained K9 companion


Of our veterans report reduced suicide ideation after being paired with a trained K9 companion.

How To Help!

One Time Donations

One time or monthly donations ($20, $50, $100…)

Anything helps this deserving organization.  Make a one-time donation or monthly recurring.  We appreciate you and 100% of your donation goes to the ESA dog program for state-wide expansion.

Full Dog Sponsorship ($5000)

– As a Sponsor you will be able to name the puppy

 – Foster and Training programs will provide weekly, active communication and SM content for you to promote your dog’s progress and your company participation in the program

 – Your business is included in coverage of the dog when placed with a veteran in the area it’s placed.  Active messaging about your business being the sponsor is a part of the storyline for local and regional PR tied to your business location.

 – The first 10 sponsors  are ‘Founding Sponsors’ to this program.  All marketing communications will include you as a founder.  Sponsors after the initial 10 dogs will receive notoriety as a main sponsor and will receive all other accolades for their area sponsorship.

St. Joe County ESA Dog Program

The ESA program was born from a fierce determination to save veteran lives.  It ended up being so much more, as a conduit to a happier, healthier, more engaged life for both veterans and their families.  As a result of this program, participants began living lives they didn’t think were possible, with families reuniting, continued education plans and reduced medication requirements.  

Each veteran goes through a vetting process to ensure proper, lifetime matches are made.  The process doesn’t end with the placement of a dog.  The ESA program works with them throughout their entire placement to make sure both dog and veteran are maximizing the potential of the relationship.

Trained Facility Dogs at the court house

Facility Dogs

Facility Dogs, like JULIET, are working dogs specifically trained to help more than one person in facilities like schools or hospitals. Unlike assistance dogs that serve one person, professionally trained facility dogs work with a trainer or handler to serve multiple people who need social interaction, recovery motivation, comfort, and/or a feeling of safety.


Juliet works in the Veterans Affairs Office in St Joseph County MI. located in the historic courthouse in Centreville MI.

Service Dogs

St Joseph County Veterans Affairs Service Dogs are custom trained to assist people with physical disabilities affecting one or more limbs. Service Dogs can enhance a person’s independence by helping with tasks such as pulling a wheelchair, opening doors, turning light switches on/off or picking up objects as small as a dime. If a client falls, the dog can even act as a brace to help them up.


Our program trains Service Dogs to assist people who have Prosthetics, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Degeneration, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries and many other conditions affecting a person’s mobility or strength. In addition to performing tasks related to a physical disability, a Dog can also be trained to assist with tasks related to a seizure disorder or hearing loss.

PawsitivelyK9_VeteranTherapyDogs_sm 8
ESA dog program - veteran and service dog - ending veteran suicide

Emotional Support Animals

At St Joseph County Veterans Affairs, we believe in harnessing a dog’s innate desire to work, their amazing love and devotion, and their intelligence. These dogs are trained to work as “Emotional Support Animals (ESA)” or “Emotional Support Dogs”. providing comfort and support. 

End Veteran Suicide with Therapy Dogs
Training dogs to end veteran suffering in MI

Pawsitively K9 Training

Nicole Ernsberger here!  I am the head trainer and owner of Pawsitively K9 in Sturgis, Michigan. I’ve been a dog lover my whole life, never thought of making dog training a career until some friends complimented my dogs and asked if I could help with theirs.  After helping a few friends with their dogs, I started pulling dogs from shelters & rescues to foster & train.  It was during this time that I really honed my craft of dog training. On top of fostering rescue dogs, I also attended dog training workshops and seminars across the country, which I still do today. 


In the winter of 2020 Pawsitively K9 was offered the dog trainer position for the St Joseph County Veterans Affairs ESA Dog Program. My role consists of of selecting, training and placing dogs with the Veterans of St Joseph County, Michigan.  To date we’ve placed 20 dogs and intend to expand around the state with the help of the Michigan Veteran K-9 Coalition.


Do you have to be a cannabis company to donate?

NO! Any individual or business is welcome to help this amazing program through donation, fostering,
or simply sharing our content on Social Media as a show of support!


With strong ties to victims of PTSD and the Veteran Community, cannabis companies were a natural fit in getting this program kicked into expansion across MI.  With individual donations already making their way to the program, we decided collectively, we could do a whole lot more…and the St. Joe County VA agreed.


It’s our hope that businesses of all types and more from our community join us to expand this program to every neighborhood in MI.  Together we can make an impact we can all FEEL.

How do I donate?

Sponsor an entire dog for a veteran in your community, or donate to help us keep this program running.  Anything is appreciated and will go 100% to this cause.  All donations go directly to the St. Joe ESA Dog Program. Furthermore the Coalition and/or affiliated companies do not receive any portion of any contributions to the Veterans Support Fund of Southern Michigan and/or any related compensation. For any questions regarding your donation, please contact the Veterans Support Fund of Southern Michigan directly.


You can also write a check out to:


Veterans Support Fund of Southern Michigan
125 W Main St
Centerville, MI 49032

How Does My Donation Spread This Program Outside of St. Joe County?

The program director agreed that all outside donations can be used for dogs outside of St. Joe County.  Therefore, no grant money leaves the county and the program can expand as funds come in.  They have graciously agreed to help screen applicants from areas where a dog is sponsored, and train and support that veteran with donor dollars.  Their intention to expand this program matched our drive to help them, so this group was formed!

Meet Our Pups…

Help us end veteran suicide. MI Veteran K9 Coalition provides professionally trained ESA Therapy Dogs
to Michigan veterans suffering from PTSD and military trauma.